Digital Nomads are mainly defined as atype of people who use telecommunications technologies to earn a living and, more generally, conduct their life in a nomadic manner. Such workers often work remotely from foreign countries, coffee shops, public libraries, co-working spaces, or recreational vehicles. This program comes with the opportunity to help not only the economy of a country but through the integration of the digital nomads with the local community, there will be much more to it.

We at Consultdemy have created a full guideline to help countries willing to implement such a program into their country. Our in-house teams have worked on market research, focus groups, and created guidelines for tourism authorities to launch, organize, market, and automate the entire process.

There are certain key aspects that require attention and we have summed them up into a presentation for the government authorities to better understand the priorities when creating a Digital Nomad Program.

 1. One Stop Shop

In our modern world, life is extremely dynamic, yet it is much more dynamic for professionals in the digital world. Our approach while establishing this concept has been to make it easiest possible for a person to inform themselves fast and easy, have one contact point where they can address their questions and concerns, be able to connect with the community of other Digital Nomads in the country, find options to move in that fit what they are looking for, and many more aspects, all in one platform or website. 

This, based on our surveys and focus groups creates a sense of how hassle-free and practical the locals are. Also creates a good first impression that is welcoming and always there when they need help.

It is also important to add the equivalents of local platforms they use back home for, buying second-hand things and many other aspects of life that help the digital nomads to settle in your country.

 2. Local Community

When a challenge arises the most efficient way to succeed is when you are united and act like a whole but also let the diverse ideas bring values to the way you market the country. The Digital Nomad Program is a concept that will shape the future and relatively new to the local business community, thus it is of utmost importance to help the community to prepare for it. 

At Consultdemy our behavioral psychologists and marketing experts have worked hard to prepare guidelines which include tips and suggestions for different businesses on how to educate their employees, what aspects to focus on their marketing, how to target this audience, and a lot more. Once the entire country is targeting the digital nomads in the proper way and method, this will be heard from San Francisco to Tokyo. While all this happens the One-Stop-Shop platform should share stories from local businesses and most importantly focus on selling the experience of living in your country, help them imagine how it would be to sit on that restaurant and taste that famous local dish.

3. Influencers

Marketing of a beach, city, museum, amusement park is something that everyone can do in a way or another, yet this is a way of marketing that focuses on the product rather than the buyer. On the other hand, selling the experience at a certain beach, city, etc. has a different impact, it makes the buyer feel the sand, feel the city, get the feeling of that place. This marketing concept has created a huge influencer community all around the world where people including digital nomads get to see the life of a person in your country, see what a 24hr day in your country is, what does it feel like to go to a bar, a restaurant, a gift shop and more. By bringing in influencers to your country working closely with the local community, you are making your country’s brand shine and creating brand awareness, organic growth, and a lot of content in the most efficient way.

Our Influencer network at Consultdemy goes through a detailed analysis of each influencer’s audience demographics and ROI audits in order to identify are there digital nomads in their audience, and can they afford this idea financially.

By implementing the program based on these guidelines our team of experts can help your country boost this idea in an organic way and establish a strong base for a tradition of living the Digital Nomad life in your country for many years to come.

Consultdemy will always be there to help you be one step ahead!

Author: Erkan Munishi, Director of Hospitality and Tourism