Digital Nomad Program

Digital Nomad Program


Consultdemy’s Tourism and Hospitality Department consists of experts from different fields related to the industry. Digital Marketing, Design, Marketing Strategy, Social media, behavioral psychologists and each member of our team adds values to our projects with their ideas and analysis.
While conducting research, our behavioral psychologists have identified similar patterns to previous crisis which are motivated from several responses to crisis known to experts of the field yet there have been a lot of new outcomes such as the digital nomad growth that has made us focus on creating strategies for the future of Tourism.
Living the Digital Nomad Lifestyle means relying on the internet to financially sustain a modern nomadic life. This relatively new trend allows you to become location independent and constantly move between cities as countries while working remotely.

Digital Nomads: Fastest growing Niche in Tourism:

In the last three years the world has seen a massive growth in digital nomads, such as youtubers, freelancers and entrepreneurs who are working and travelling while they work. While this niche had a decent amount of people join into this lifestyle the 2020 Pandemic has enormously increased the amount of digital nomads and it now being the fastest growing niche for the tourism industry.

Data on housing searches can also provide an early indicator of COVID’s impact on migration. Using the data of user searches, real estate brokerage firm Redfin has begun drawing conclusions on new migration trends. One of which is that people are indeed looking to move away from expensive places like New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco toward relatively affordable areas.

While the migration out of cities is being expedited by the pandemic, that migration wouldn’t be possible without the ability for people to work remotely. On a slow but steady rise over the last decade (4.9% nationally in 2019), last year’s Scorecard highlighted rural and Western metros for their growing share of remote workers. More and better communication tools, creative class and digital workers trying to escape the pressures of tech enclaves, expensive housing markets, and quality of life upgrades were all fueling the remote work trend.

What is Consultdemy’s Digital Nomad Program?

Consultdemy Tourism and Hospitality department has developed the Digital Nomad program in 2020 after years of experience with hotels and tourism authorities on targeting specific markets and target groups.
The digital nomad program is the best solution in the evolving world of business and employment, where the pandemic has made a big change, starting from people working from home, changing the way people see travel and the place they call home.

During the Pandemic due to the lockdown and the quarantine rules, the short-term travels are at all-time low and we realized the best way to move forward now that people are working from home is to help them move to beautiful places where they can travel, explore, save and/or have fun in different places depending on what they are looking for in a country.

Why is it effective?

We ran researches, focus groups, surveys and had a deep scientific research from our world-renowned behavioral psychologists on the root-cause of customer’s actions during crisis, how to influence these decisions and why remote workers act the way they do. All these helped us identify the right path that will help governments and hotels to attract digital nomads, make them feel at home while hosting them and also expanding it and exploiting the program to the fullest.

There is an enormous exodus from big cities in the United States since March 2020 and this is a unique opportunity, once in a decade or even century for smaller towns, islands, cities to attract residents whose income is actually not from the local businesses.

The Digital Nomad Program enables the countries with GDP’s dependent on tourism to avoid the seasonality of tourism, increase the amount of tourists and recover faster from the Covid-19 impact on the local economy.

Is this a long-term solution?

 The Pandemic has created a new concept on employment and the majority of Silicon Valley in the US are now being flexible about the work-from-home option, and more employees are opting in to continue working from home due to the flexibility and comfort for employees, and lower spending for the businesses such as rent, office equipment etc. Because of that, many hotels are adding kitchenettes, workspaces and subscription options, making investments due to the fact that this is becoming the new era in tourism and the earlier a country adapts to it the more success the local tourism will get.


“Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together.”

-James Cash Penney